René Pierre Allain


1969-72   Loyola of Montreal, Communication Arts
1972-79   Worked as a photographer and photojournalist
1979-82   University of Ottawa, B.A., Visual Arts
1980-84   In partnership with Miguel Berlanga, worked and exhibited as A & B associés
1984-86   Hunter College, New York, M.F.A.
1990-       Teaches at the School of Visual Arts, New York
                  Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

                 Solo Shows

2012        Steel Bars no.32, Black Box: Exchanges, curated by Isaac Aden, White Box Gallery, New York
2011         Steel Bars, Ricco Maresca Gallery, New York
2008        Modifiers, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto
2006        René Pierre Allain: Drawings, Olin Hall Breezeway Gallery, Whitman College, WA
2005        New Work, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto
2004        Tablets, Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago
2003        Constructing Painting, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
                Tablets, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto
2001        New Work, Winchester Galleries, Victoria, BC
2000        Disjunctures, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal
1999        New Steel Paintings, Stefan Stux Gallery, New York
1998        René Pierre Allain, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal
                New Paintings, Stefan Stux Gallery, New York
1997        René Pierre Allain, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
                Recent Work, Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago
1996-97  The Steel Paintings: 1991-1996, University of Waterloo Art Gallery; Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, Ontario;
                Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario
1996        Steelwork, Littlejohn Contemporary, New York
                 Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, (Project Room)
1994        Drawings, Genereux Grunwald Gallery, Toronto
                 René Pierre Allain, Genereux Grunwald Gallery, Toronto
1993        New Work, Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago
                 René Pierre Allain, Genereux Grunwald Gallery, Toronto
1992        René Pierre Allain, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
                Samuel Lallouz Gallery, Montreal, (Project Room)
1991        New Work, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
1990        Paintings, Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago
                New Work, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
1989        Paintings, Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago
                 New Paintings, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
                 René Pierre Allain, The Knitting Factory, New York
1986        René Pierre Allain, Hunter Gallery, New York
1984        The Core Island Complex, London Regional Art and Historical Museum, Canada (A&B)
1983        Transformer Site, Gallery 101, Ottawa (A&B)
1981        Dépot Central, Saw Gallery Ottawa (A&B)

                Selected Group Shows
2018        The Greates Show, Sideshow Nation VI Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
                Beyond Black and White, Westbeth Gallery, New York
2017       Thru The Rabbit Hole, Nation V Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
2016       Thru The Rabbit Hole, Nation IV, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
2015        Nation III, Circle the Wagons, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
2014        Welcome to the Dreantime, Stephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                 Sideshow Nation II: At the Alamo, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
2013        Julian Pretto Gallery, Minus Space, Brooklyn
                 Unhinged, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn
                 Sideshow Nation
, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
                 Paperazzi 2, Janet Kurnatowsky Gallery, Brooklyn
2012        Semi Automatic, Lesley Heller Workspace, New York
                 Mic: Check (Occupy), Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
                 Paperazzi, Janet Kurnatowsky Gallery, Brooklyn
2011         Metal + Paint, Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art, Guelph
                 Ghost Dance: René Pierre Allain& Larry Webb, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
                 Paper 2011, Janet Kurnatowsky Gallery 
                 It's All Good!! apocalypse now, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
2010        Paper Works, Janet Kurnatowsky Gallery 
                 It's a Wonderful 10th, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
2008        Border Crossings, Kyoto City International Foundation, Kyoto
                 Cohju Contemporary Art Gallery, Kyoto
                 Peace, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
2007        War Is Over "Again", Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
2006        Selections from the LeWitt Collection, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
                 Black and White, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
2005        Acadia Surfacing, Ross Creek Center for the Arts, Nova Scotia
                 Labyrinth, Holland Tunnel, Paros, Greece
                 Paint on Metal, curated by Julie Sasse, Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, Arizona
2004        Armored, Planet Thailand, Brooklyn, NY
2003        Clear Intentions, curated by Robert Morgan, The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn
                 Selections from the LeWitt Collection, New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT
                 Manières et Matières, Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke
2002        Holiday Paper, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto
                 Samadhi, curated by Robert Morgan, Chelsea Art Museum, New York
                 The New Gallery, Houston
2001        Made in Canada, Plattsburgh State Art Museum
                 QCNY 2001, Howard Scott Gallery, New York
                  Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago
                Present/Present, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto
2000        Re:Place, Planet Thailand, Brooklyn
                Singular Fissions, Diefenbunker Museum, Carp Ontario, (A&B associés)
                Passion et tourment, Musée des beaux arts de Sherbrooke
1999        Abstract, Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago
                Sculpture, Galerie de Bellefueille, Montreal
1997        New York/North York, Art Gallery of North York, Toronto
                Curtain I, curated by James Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery
                Recurrence, curated by Theresa Chong, Gallery Korea, New York
                Current Undercurrent: Working in Brooklyn, Pierogi Flat Files, Brooklyn Museum of Art
                Fresh/fresco, The Gallery at Hastings-on Hudson, NY
1996        Dots & Lines, curated by Theresa Chong, 8th Floor Gallery, New York
                 Image/After-Image, curated by Paul Campbell, The Work Space, New York
                Incestuous, Carter Kustera installation, Thread Waxing Space, New York
                The Julian Pretto Collection, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT
1995        Julian’s Show, Littlejohn Contemporary, New York
                Down The Garden Path, The Work Space, New York
1994        Surface Matters, M-13 Gallery, New York
                Cracks in the Modern - The Anxiety of Industrial Folklore, curated by Ihor Holubizky, Koffler Centre for the
                 Arts, North York, Ontario
                Five Abstract Artists, Littlejohn/Sternau Gallery, New York
1993        Continuing Generations, Annina Nosei Gallery, New York
                Abstraction: Which Way From Here?, curated by Jeffrey Spalding, University of Lethbridge/ Canada Trust
                Towers, Calgary
                Présence, Centre international d'art contemporain, Montreal
                Projects, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
                Littlejohn/Sternau Gallery, New York
1992        Geometric Strategies, Marilyn Pearl Gallery, New York
                Genereux Grunwald Gallery, Toronto
                 Painterly Object, S. Bitter-Larkin Gallery, New York
                 Slow Art: Painting in New York Now, P.S. 1 Museum, New York
1991-92   Open Mind: The LeWitt Collection, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford
1991        Constructed Black Paintings, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
                Allain, Beall, Dean, Gallery Moos, Toronto
                Abstract Painting: Process and Materials, Ben Shahn Gallery, William Patterson College, NJ
                 Invitational, Berland\Hall, New York
1990        Selected 1990 Artist Fellowship in Painting Recipients from the New York Foundation for the Arts, University
                 Art Gallery, SUNY Albany
                Objective Abstraction, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
1989        Aspects of Painting, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
                Materiel Engagements, Milford Gallery, New York
                A Selection of Works in Three Dimensions, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
                War, Peace and Victory, Memorial Arch, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New York
                New Works/New Artists, Julian Pretto Gallery, New York
                The Building Show, Minor Injury, Brooklyn, New York
1986-87  Postmarked New York, The Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta
1986         The Building of Architectural Vision, City Gallery of New York; Princeton University School of Architecture
1984-86   Présent antérieur, four artist exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal (A&B)
1984        Les Temps, Saw Gallery, Ottawa; Glendon Gallery of York University, Toronto; Whitewater Gallery, North Bay;
                 Laurentian University Art Centre, Sudbury; National Exhibition Centre,Thunder Bay (A&B)
1982        Transformer Site, public sculpture for the city of Ottawa (A&B)
1980        Landart, Saw Gallery, Ottawa (A&B)


National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship
New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship
Canada Council Grants

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